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Where have I been for the past 6 years?

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Forgive me, but apparently its been nearly 6 years since my last post! I have no idea how that happened but a series of events have lead me back to this place and I want to try my best to start blogging again on a regular basis. I have a growing number of saved blog post ideas to get written up that I've been noting down in my Evernote workbook while I've been away.

My original Wordpress Blog was been sat on the Azure service for the past couple of years until one day I realised it just wasn't there anymore. It seems the server was there and the site was still in place and I was being charged for the pleasure but the MySQL Database was nowhere to be found. No notice of its removal, no trace of its existence. I really didn't have the time or willing to try and restore it back because to me the way it was hosted was a bit of a black box of unknowns and I'm not comfortable with that so I made the decision to bring it back onto my Windows Server and move it into Umbraco for now. So, here we are, a restored blog running on Umbraco & Articulate with a basic theme I will develop over time that is constructed using the Bulma CSS Framework which I am really quite liking. Over time I plan to flesh the site out with some additional pages providing the obligatory corporate stuff but my main focus, for now, is restoring my ability to start blogging again before my head explodes.

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