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Reset Git Branch to undo a pull or a merge

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This is more a note to myself put here in case anyone searching for the same solution might find it useful. Yesterday I pulled a remote into the wrong local branch and couldn't find a way to reset the branch again to undo my mistake. Fire up your chosen command prompt, which for me is currently the Console2 Command Prompt and enter the following command. [code]git reset --hard ORIG_HEAD[/code] This solution is suitable for undoing a pull or a merge. Full details on the git-reset Manual Page. I still find Git a bit harder to master than Mercurial so I can see me adding a few more short posts on here for my own future reference.…

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Following the recent series of posts on issues I have had migrating client sites from IIS6 to IIS7, one common problem I had was on sites that use the ELMAH exception handler. The full exception message is "Could not load file or assembly 'System.Data.SQLite' or one of its dependencies. An attempt was made to load a program with an incorrect format. ". Another easy fix for this one but rather than it being a config issue relating to the IIS version I believe this is more related to the move from a 32-Bit server to a 64-Bit Windows Server. To correct the issue you need to modify the advanced settings for your app pool to "Enable 32-Bit Applications".…

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'Sys' is Undefined in ASP.NET AJAX

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<p>A project that I was updating recently didn't start out its life as an ASP.NET AJAX enabled application so it was being upgraded to take advantage of some of the features and controls available in the AjaxControlToolkit. I added the necessary references to my project and added the assemblies to the Web.config and things seemed ok until I got to a page with an UpdatePanel on it and the dreaded <strong>'Sys' is undefined</strong> error reared its ugly head. After a lot of head scratching and some failed Google-fu I finally manaeged to find a post which led me to my answer. I was missing the httpHandlers and httpModules configuration settings in my Web.config which if I had created a new ASP.NET AJAX enabled project from scratch would already have existed, adding them in and the error went away and now my UpdatePanel started to work as required.</p> <p>[source language='xml']<br />…

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