It takes one minute to make someone's day, and one word to destroy someone's life.

Returning to a project running Umbraco 4.11.8 I needed to upgrade the package to 4.11.10 in an attempt to overcome another issue I was having. When running the following command in the Nuget console [code]update-package UmbracoCms -version 4.11.10[/code] I was getting getting an error back informing me the update failed due to the fact that UmbracoCms was not installed in any project. I know this fact to be incorrect since I checked each package.config file in all projects within my solution and they were all referencing UmbracoCms 4.11.8. Digging a little further I found this post on CodePlex which ultimately led me to remove an old and unused Umbraco 4.11.6 directory which was inside of the Packages directory in my solution. Once removed the update completed without any errors.

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