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Level 2 Certified Umbraco Developer Status

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I am proud to announce that I gained Level 2 Certified Umbraco Developer Status at the start of the month! After investing the last 4 years or so into developing solutions with the Umbraco Content Management System I was given the opportunity to take level 2 certification in London at the start of December. I decided that the time was right to now get certified in order to qualify the skills I have learnt throughout my journey and to hopefully attract more Umbraco related work my way. Umbraco has grown dramatically over the last few years both in terms of it's popularity but at the same time it has matured into a very user-friendly and flexible content management solution that is now being adopted by some very large companies including Microsoft who are now really getting behind Umbraco and even think highly enough of it to use it on sites of their own such as ASP.Net. Umbraco has the most helpful and friendly community I have experienced on-line in my 13 or so years of web development and also running communities of my own.

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