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Media Sorter for Umbraco

Posted in   Umbraco
A few weeks back I released my second package for the Umbraco CMS imaginatively called Media Sorter for Umbraco (does what it says on the tin!). The package essentially adds a new context menu item to the Umbraco CMS dashboard to allow media items to be sorted alphanumerically. The Media Sorter is something I originally developed to save myself and my clients time when working with large media repositories in Umbraco. It helps keep things organised and makes media items quicker and easier to locate if they are kept in some sort of order. I enjoy(ed) working on this project because I learnt a bit more about Umbraco Package Actions and found some limitations with the currently available Package Actions. As a result of the limitations I developed my own package action 'Update Application Tree Package Action for Umbraco' to fulfil the requirements of my package. I have released the source for this package on CodePlex under the Umbraco Extensions project. Many thanks to Kim Andersen for his patience while I ironed out some issues he was having with the initial releases on .net 2.0.

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