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Laptop Repair - Alienware Support

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It has been a little over 12 months since I invested in my high performance Alienware Area-51 m9750 laptop which is quite possibly my largest single investment yet since starting  my own business. My experience of their support up until now has simply been the best I have ever experienced from any company. On the couple of occasions I have had need to call them I have had access to a free 0800 number through to the support team basesd in Miami Florida where on two occasions a very helpful representative called José talked  me through taking apart the laptop to track down the source of the problem and so I didn't have to send it back for repair and face a long delay. The first time around we managed to resolve the issue but unfortunatly on this occasion I was not so lucky and just before xmas the laptop was returned to base for diagnostics and repair and it is at this point that things have started to decline in my view. The xmas and new year break hasn't helped things but to be told a minimum turn around time of 20 days is to me unacceptable and unreasonable given the money that was invested in this machine. I have explained on numerous occassion that this is needed for my work and that I would be happy to pay any additional cost for a quicker turnaround but that has had little effect and each time I ring up it still has not even been taken out of the box and the date keeps moving back. Where is José when you need him??? Would I buy from Alienware again? Most certainly, the laptop itself has been a great machine and has stood up well to the job of being on almost 24/7 and as previously mentioned the support I have had over the phone has been great, just beware that a return to base is timely and costly problem if it ever goes wrong!!

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