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Convert HTML to Plain Text in C# using Markdown

Creating a plain-text version of HTML that is suitable to be sent out as the text part of a multi-part email. Using C# and XSLT I have developed a working solution to the problem with help from a third party markdown XSLT file.

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SmtpClient does not gracefully close the underlying TCP/IP connection

Some months back Tim Geyssens was kind enough to send me the source for his MailEngine addition to Umbraco before he released it on his blog. I made some customisations to the source to allow users to select templates and changed the filtering options slightly but other than that it worked jut fine for what […]

‘Sys’ is Undefined in ASP.NET AJAX

A project that I was updating recently didn’t start out its life as an ASP.NET AJAX enabled application so it was being upgraded to take advantage of some of the features and controls available in the AjaxControlToolkit. I added the necessary references to my project and added the assemblies to the Web.config and things seemed […]

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