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Loopback Connection Problem with Router

My router recently died on me and so I had to revert to using a crappy little router supplied to me by Virgin Media my internet provider. I do a fair amount of integration work with the SagePay payment service provider and so I need to configure my router to forward ports to my local […]

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Rejoin Windows Workstation to Small Business Server 2003 Domain

I was recently working in a clients office where they have very little IT Support and they had a new member of staff on board without a PC. The person that setup the IT infrastructure at the beginning had left a hard drive with an image and a CD to copy the image to any […]

TwitterBerry – Network Request Failed

I recently upgraded TwitterBerry to v0.8 on my Blackberry Pearl and it stopped working, every time I tried to connect I got a ‘Network Request Failed’ error. My friend Google wasn’t much help so I emailed support at Orangatame Software which yielded no result and zero response which I thought was pretty lame since I […]

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