About Me

I am a freelance web developer and application programmer offering my clients the benefit of over  15 years experience in the areas of website development, Content Management Solutions (CMS) and on-line business applications. After 3 redundancies in 2 years I decided to take control of my career and future business prospects and, as such, I have now been working successfully as a freelancer since 2005. From the beginning of my career I started working for small businesses and from which came large responsibilities and steep learning curves! As you can imagine from this, I am not one to shy away from a challenge and so grabbed the “bull by the horns” and through a process of self-development and a passion for my work, quickly established myself as a key member of the teams I was working within. I was very fortunate to be given many opportunities I would never have been offered in larger organisations and learnt a great deal of business knowledge from these employers along with great opportunities and responsibilities.

Throughout my career I have had the opportunity to work on projects for the Ministry of Defence, Dell, Telewest (now Virgin Media), Intel, Regus, Polycom, Genting Stanley and Dartington Crystal to name a few. Along with my core skills, I also find that many of my clients draw on my vast experience to advise them on best practices for their business in the online arena.

Why use my services?

I am an honest and approachable person who can offer a great deal of knowledge and experience, as well as being able to communicate with clients in plain English rather than confusing them with technical jargon. I am, what I would refer to, as a middle-man in that I can fully understand the needs of both the business and its customers, rather than focusing solely on the technical aspects of a project. I try to make everything I build as intuitive for the end users as possible, after all, what good is your business application or website if the end users cannot use it or are faced with a steep learning curve in order to achieve the goals they are trying to reach?

I am not a one hit wonder, I am interested in forming long term and mutually beneficial relationships with my clients. This, I think, is proved by my existing clients returning to me time and time again, whether this be for new campaigns, or perhaps to tap into my experience for advice on ideas and whether or not they are worth pursuing.

Connect with me

I am an advocate of online networking tools such as a Twitter and Linked In and try to encourage others to take advantage of their great potential for increasing awareness of your business as well as for the purposes of generating new business and connecting with existing clients. On each page of my website and below, you will find links to my online profiles, please feel free to join me.

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