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Shortcut to Implement Abstract Class or Interface in Visual Studio

A great time saving shortcut in Visual Studio to implement an Abstract Class or Interface in Visual Studio. Using the shortcut will populate all of the abstract class method signatures for you.

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Media Sorter for Umbraco

The package essentially adds a new context menu item to the Umbraco CMS dashboard to allow media items to be sorted alphanumerically. The Media Sorter is something I originally developed to save myself and my clients time when working with large media repositories in Umbraco.

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Prolific Notion becomes a SagePay Approved Partner

Today Prolific Notion became an Approved Sage Pay partner!
After referring two customers already and carrying out integration work for two separate sites I made the decision to become a Sage Pay Partner and promote them as my recommended Payment Service Provider to any future clients.

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I have just finished another upgrade from umbraco 3.06 to v4.0.2.1 and hit a snag whereby whenever a user attempted to add a new media item after the upgrade they were presented with the exception: “ERROR CREATING CONTROL FOR NODETYPE: Media”

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