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TwitterBerry – Network Request Failed

I recently upgraded TwitterBerry to v0.8 on my Blackberry Pearl and it stopped working, every time I tried to connect I got a ‘Network Request Failed’ error. My friend Google wasn’t much help so I emailed support at Orangatame Software which yielded no result and zero response which I thought was pretty lame since I […]

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Recreate .designer files in Visual Studio 2008

For some reason or another I ended up with a corrupt default.aspx.designer.cs file in a recent web project, a quick check with my best friend(Google) and the solution it seemed couldn’t be easier. Delete the .designer file and right click the .aspx file and select “Convert to Web Application”…were you expecting more? Sorry, that’s all […]

SQL Server Stored Procedure to Change Object Owner

This is more of a note for myself but it’s handy little snippet for future reference to change the owner of objects in a MS SQL Server database. This is particularly handy when objects have been created by web applications and not set the object owner to dbo.
To view th source code for the stored […]

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Running Umbraco v4 on ASP.NET 3.5

A project I am currently working on is based on the soon to be launched Umbraco v4 and as I will be running it on a new server I wanted to use the lastest and greatest version of the .Net framework. I didn’t get off to a great start as the ASP.NET AJAX references in […]

‘Sys’ is Undefined in ASP.NET AJAX

A project that I was updating recently didn’t start out its life as an ASP.NET AJAX enabled application so it was being upgraded to take advantage of some of the features and controls available in the AjaxControlToolkit. I added the necessary references to my project and added the assemblies to the Web.config and things seemed […]

Laptop Repair – Alienware Support

My recent experience with Alienware Support, both good and bad.

The Association of Women in Property

Prolific Notion and Symon James have been selected by The Association of Women in Property to provide their new and improved presence on the web

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